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    Finding and Choosing a Urologist for Your Vasectomy

    Vasectomy is a medical procedure that can take no longer than 15 to 30 minutes in the clinic of any qualified doctor. It only requires local anesthetic and usually has zero complications. However, in cases where the patient has anxiety or scrotal examination is difficult to perform, the procedure may also be done under sedation. Only a board-certified urologist, also known as a urologic surgeon, should conduct the proced ure.

    While you search for a qualified surgeon who can perform your vasectomy, keep the following in mind:

    Insurance Coverage

    If you have insurance coverage, ask your insurer for a list of surgeons who are part of their network. Most companies cover vasectomy and can give you such a list.

    Your Family Physician

    Primary care or family doctors typically refer patients to specialists and will have no problem suggesting a number of qualified …