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Looking for a Worthy Place to Visit? Bangalore City Is..

Getting To The Point – Traveling

Looking for a Worthy Place to Visit? Bangalore City Is Your Best Option

The place Bangalore is one of the biggest cities found in the state of Karnataka, India more so people popularly call this city as the garden city. This city is home of different institutions, be it private or public, defense ministries are also situated in this place and various software companies. As a matter of fact people think of this place as the silicon valley of India.

You must be aware too that the place can also offer different places wherein you can spend some quality time alone or with your love ones. If you are interested to know what are these places then reading this article would be a smart move.

The first place that you must visit is the Cubbon Park.

The park is quite enormous about 300 acres which is already good. You can just imagine having quality time in this park without getting anxious whether you can get to the city before dawn since it’s not that far. If you are wondering where the name of the park originates, it was actually from the commissioner of the city, Sir Mark Cubbon.

For those fond of ornamental plants and trees then this park is surely a nice place to visit since it is known for the indigenous and strange looking plants. The frequent visitors of this part are walkers, joggers, and those who are nature loving. This is also an ideal place for kids.

A number of studies would support the importance of watching fish swimming in an aquarium to relieve some stress thus you must not miss watching this one in this park. As for the fish species found in the aquarium it is also varied and surely it can be fun to watched with your friends and family.

Attara Kacheri – is the second place that you mustn’t miss visiting.

One of historic spots in India is the Attara Kacheri, it is a two-story infrastructure build in the year 1867. The primary attraction of this place is the style of its architecture.

There are also tons of antique paintings found in this place, sculptures, inscriptions and distinctive coins.

You must also visit the Bangalore Palace

The palace is inspired by the castles found in England so you can just imagine how grandeur it would be, this was made in the year 1887. The towers are sturdy, the lawns are well-conditioned not to mention tons of artwork like carvings on wood and paintings are present in this place. Indeed, this is a perfect place to visit for those who are fond of artistic and historical figures but for those who aren’t then you can enjoy its royalty ambience. If you want to know more about this place then you can check things out online for more information.

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